Canada Embassy Issues Strong Condemnation of Junta’s Human Rights Violations

The Canadian Embassy in Yangon issued a statement on Myanmar Armed Forces Day, March 27, strongly condemning the Junta's war crimes and human rights violations against the nation and its people.

“We condemn the deliberate targeting of civilians and civilian objects—including aerial attacks on homes, schools, healthcare centres and places of worship, as well as the widespread use of sexual violence against women—which is in gross violation of international law”, the embassy’s statement said.

“The role of a military is to protect its people and defend its country, which the regime continues to fail to do”, it also pointed out. Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) spokesperson Saw Nanda Hsue.

“The international community must act decisively to halt the Junta’s war crimes and crimes against humanity. Without accountability on the global stage, the Junta will carry on its atrocities, inflicting daily suffering on the people”, according to Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) spokesperson Saw Nanda Hsue.

Local and international human rights organizations, civil society groups, and resistance forces have urged the international community to address the Junta’s crimes, yet there has been criticism of the international community’s failure to take effective action against the Junta.

A multitude of appeals since the coup by human rights bodies, UN Human Rights lawyers has failed to trigger any action by Canada and other UN member states to demand that the ICC (The International Criminal Court) in The Hague open a formal investigation into war crimes committed by the leaders of the Myanmar Junta.

“We reiterate calls on the military to cease its brutal violence and urge all countries to immediately stop the sale or transfer of arms, military equipment, dual-use equipment, aviation fuel and technical military assistance to Myanmar”, the Canada Embassy also stated.

China, India, Israel, Russia and Thailand are the leading countries in supplying some of these critical items from :arms, military equipment, dual-use equipment, to aviation fuel and technical military assistance to Myanmar.

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