BNI list of Military Council aircraft shot down and Karenni Report on Junta Burns Wreckage of K-8W Fighter Jet Downed by Resistance Forces-

List of Military Aircraft Shot Down since the Feb 2021 Coup • May 2021 Helicopter downed by KIA - Kachin State • JUNE 2023 K-8W fighter jet fixed wing jet – Karenni resistance – and 2nd K-8W fighter jet fighter shot down November 2023 with one pilot captured • Jan 3rd 2024 KIA shot down another helicopter helicopter flying to a frontline base in Kachin State Waingmaw Township, • Jan 16th 2024 KIA shot down a FTC-2000G light fighter jet in northern Shan State. It had been based at Namshan in Shan State data confirmed by various sources including Janes.

The Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) announced that the Military Council has burned the wreckage of its K-8W fighter jet, which was shot down by Karenni ethnic resistance forces on November 11th last year.

On December 14th, as Junta soldiers advanced to the paddy fields near Kamadipoli village in Thandaung Township, they clashed with local resistance forces in a shootout. The following day, December 15th, Military Council troops burned down and destroyed the wreckage, KHRG also said the Junta troops also set fire to a barn and a hut owned by locals near the location of the clash.

According to a separate statement from the Karenni State Interim Executive Council (IEC), the K-8W fighter, piloted by Colonel Khaing Thant Moe, carried out almost 40 airstrikes in Kachin and Karenni states before being shot down. The pilot was captured by the Karenni resistance and is still in their custody as POW-prisoner of war and resistance sources say that Colonel Khaing Moe, the first pilot to be captured will eventually be charged and put on trial under the legal framework of the NUG.

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