Military Council Orders Closure of Tattoo Shops in Myawaddy Township

According to residents, the City Development Committee of the Military Council in Myawaddy Township, Karen State, has issued an order to close all tattoo shops operating within the municipal boundaries.

An unnamed tattoo artist revealed that the Military Council has ordered the closure of tattoo shops in Myawaddy Township starting from June 10. As a result, tattoo shop owners are facing difficulties during this time.

“We are forced to remove signs, as their main objective is to generate profit. Obtaining business licenses and paying monthly fees are obligatory. Some say it’s officially announced, but surprisingly, many people are unaware of the announcement,” he said.

Another unnamed tattoo artist mentioned that failure to comply with the statement’s directives may result in legal consequences from the Karen State Development Committee. As a result, tattoo shop owners have taken down their signs and temporarily closed their shops.

“After the statement was issued, the shop remained closed for a while. The situation is quite dire, and I’m not sure why. It has nothing to do with us, and no communication has been made.”

Tattoo shops are currently closed following the release of the statement, but the reason behind issuing the statement is still unknown.

“I spoke to my friends who work in offices here, and it’s surprising. Not only do ordinary people lack awareness, but even office workers are unaware of the letters being issued on a daily basis,” he informed KIC.

According to local news sources, in Myawaddy Township, tattooing is a popular hobby and profession among many young people. The recent announcement regarding the closure of tattoo shops is the first of its kind under the Military Council’s rule.

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