KNLA and SOF joint forces raid government offices Kill 10 soldiers

During the raids by resistance joint forces on the government offices in Kyainseikgyi Township, Karen State, 10 soldiers from the Military Council were killed and approximately 15 others were injured, the Special Operation Force (SOF) reported.

SOF, in collaboration with the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the Cloud Wings drone strike teams, conducted a coordinated raid at 5:00 AM on June 2nd. A spokesperson from the SOF told the KIC that they targeted multiple locations, including the Military Council’s police station, general administration office, immigration office, communications office, and judges’ office.

The spokesman reported, “We have observed a significant number of casualties on the side of the Military Council, with at least 15 wounded. Our eyewitness accounts confirm that our attack resulted in the death of 10 troops on their side. As we conducted the raid on the police station, we encountered a minimum of 5 police personnel present at the time. We strategically approached the perimeter fence of the police station and initiated gunfire. Within the general administration office, immigration office, and communications office, we encountered approximately 15 Military Council troops whom we engaged with precision sniper fire”, he said.

Amidst the clashes, Junta forces resorted to indiscriminate measures, unleashing 120 mm artillery fire and deploying attack helicopters to target religious structures. Regrettably, these actions resulted in the tragic loss of one monk and two local individuals, as confirmed by SOF on June 3rd.

On the morning of June 3rd, the Military Council’s reconnaissance aircraft were observed flying over the nearby areas in close proximity to the ongoing battle, the spokesperson of SOF added.

“We anticipate that their next move will involve ground advancement. So far there haven’t been any visible operational activities from their end. However there is a possibility of increased aerial bombings. As history has shown, the Military Council tends to respond to setbacks with extreme cruelty and malevolence. Yesterday and in the early hours of this morning, we noticed their reconnaissance planes and drones hovering around the vicinity”, he told KIC.

As of now, the Military Council has refrained from providing any comment regarding the statement made by the revolutionary forces.

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