12-Year-Old Boy Killed, Two Injured by Military Council’s Artillery

A 12-year-old boy was killed and two family members were injured by an artillery shell fired by the Military Council troops in Ywartanshey village, southern Kawkareik Township,Karen State On June 7th.

According to villagers, an artillery shell fired by Junta troops in Hlaingwa artillery hill, Kawkareik Township, hit the roof of a house and exploded, resulting in the tragic death of 12-year-old Saw Kyaw Than Aung. His mother, Daw Ta Pi (43 years old), and sister, Nan Yay Wa Ti (4 years old), were also injured in the incident.

A villager from Ywartanshey reported to KIC, “An artillery shell landed directly on a house in our village, causing harm to three family members,a woman, her son, and daughter. Tragically, the son lost his life instantly due to the impact.”

According to residents, in the southern part of Kawkareik township, local civilians and domestic animals often lose their lives due to the firing of artillery shells by the Military Council troops based in Kawkareik. Additionally, houses are also damaged by these artillery shell explosions.

“Our people in southern Kawkareik are enduring immense suffering, witnessing injuries and deaths on a regular basis. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow,” said a local resident.

Kawkareik residents have reported that starting from the morning of June 7, Infantry Battalion 97 based in Kawkareik, along with Military Council troops from Hlaingwa artillery have been launching artillery shells into villages surrounding the town.

According to a local news source, on June 6, following the aerial bombardment of San Pha Lar school in Khudon village, south of Kawkareik township, the 97th Battalion based in Kawkareik fired artillery shells towards Khaneinhmu, Tadanku, and Sinkone villages. Tragically, during the incident, a local woman who had returned from the mountains in search of Earthstar Mushrooms was killed by an artillery shell.

As a result of the indiscriminate firing of artillery shells by the Military Council troops, the number of casualties among the local residents in Kawkareik Township has escalated. Furthermore, numerous houses have been destroyed or set ablaze, posing significant challenges for the affected civilians to sustain their lives.

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