Palaw-Palauk residents forced to displace to Myeik due to military tensions

More than 20 skirmishes broke out between local resistance forces and the Military Council in Palaw-Palauk township in Tanintharyi Region, forcing residents to move to the nearby town of Myeik during January.

A displaced person said that locals had to flee to Myeik, due to more frequent armed clashes between the local People’s Defense Forces (PDF) and the Military Council in Palaw and Palauk sub-townships in recent days, but they are facing difficulties such as accommodation.

5 PDF fighters were injured in a 6-hour battle with the Military Council in Palaw recently. Junta troops also suffered casualties in the clash, but the exact number is not known, according to local sources.

“ In Palaw and Palauk, everyone is talking about moving. Getting out of there is more important, than deciding where to move. There are too many people moving to Myeik, and it becomes very crowded. Now where I live, is only an hour away from Palaw-Palauk. Some rich people are renting houses here with their relatives.” he told KIC.

However since martial law was declared in Myeik, inspections are stricter than before. Internally displaced people (IDPs) say that they feel insecure to move around in the city. The Military Council often conducts investigations targeting young people in Myeik, a local said.

“In the city, people don’t even dare to move. The Military Council has tightened the inspections, as much as possible. A curfew has also been issued. Yesterday police and soldiers took up positions in almost the entire city, because a top official had arrived.

They are more likely to investigate young people rather than elderly. We almost didn’t even dare to go anywhere”, he said.

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