4 departmental offices in Payathonzu (Three Pagodas Pass) burnt down

The buildings of 4 departmental offices under the Military Council in Payathonzu (Three Pagodas Pass), Kyainseikgyi Township (KNU Dooplaya District), Karen State, were burnt to ashes on the night of January 23. and gunshots were heard throughout the city, an anonymous resident told KIC.

A resident of Payathonzu (Three Pagodas Pass) related the events, “The General Administration Department, the Ministry of Labor, Immigration and Population, the Military Security Affairs and the City Development Committee offices were all burnt down. I can still see the smoke until this morning. Artillery and gunfire were heard throughout the night. It is known that there are some injuries. Both the soldiers and the police in the city were in the camp. I did not see them going outside to check. In the town, the situation is normal this morning.”

The town of Payathonzu (Three Pagodas Pass), located on the Thai-Myanmar border, has been the frequent target of military bombings in Mae Ka Tha, Thabyu, Kyein Chaung and other villages, since the military coup.

On January 21, due to the bomb attack in Lay Wah Phlo village, more than 200 local youth who were still studying were forced to stop their school year without completing their studies, according to local residents.

According to a member A member of the Revolutionary Joint Forces, this is the last time to warn the departmental staff in Payathonzu (Three Pagodas Pass) to sever cooperation with the Military Council, however the relevant revolutionary groups have yet to issue any official notification.

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