Military Council troops operations includes Burning Down Houses Kin Karen State’s Dooplaya district Karen State

Junta forces intensified their offensive operations including setting fire to houses in the Khale-Takontaing village tract in the Win Yay (Waw Ray) township of the Dooplaya district of the Karen National Union (KNU), locals said.

According to volunteers helping the internally displaced people (IDPs), on November 28, Military Council troops invaded Nyein Chan Myaing area near Pulain village of Takontiang village tract and burned down at least 2 houses.As a result of the offensive, residents of Khale, Takontaing, Pulain, Khale Lay, Myo Haung, Phaya Ngar Su, Nan Thaing Tun and nearby villages have fled from the area.

Win Yaw resident Nan Sin Phaung told KIC,“ Pulain villager Saw Du Rae’ s house and another one in Nyein Chan Myaing was burnt down yesterday. Despite seeing the smoke coming out, we didn’t dare to go and check because there were soldiers in the area. Due to their presence around the village, no one dared to work in the rubber plantations anymore. This is a major problem for their livelihood.”

The Military Council has been launching offensives around the villages near the foothills of Taung Nyo mountain range in Kyainseikgyi township since November 28. Due to these situations, teaching has been temporarily suspended in the Military Council-controlled schools and community-based schools in the Win Yaw region. Some education officials said that some schools have moved out to the forest areas to continue schooling.

Military Council troops stationed in some villages in the KNU’s Win Yay township administrative region, have been breaking into and stealing property from public houses under the pretext of operations, and are now committing arson attacks, locals said.

On November 28, the Military Council arrested 10 Khale and Pulain villagers working as orchard workers at the foot hill of Taung Nyo mountain range to use as porters, and some of them were released the next day, according to their close relatives.

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