Burma Army’s LIB 101 – Torture, Kills Woman Villager in Bilin Township

A Karen villager was killed by Burma Army soldiers while working her farm on 21st December. The villager, has been named as Naw Khit, aged 56, from Htaw Kalaw Khi (The Phyu Chaung) village, Noe Ber Baw village tract, in Bilin Township, Thaton District. The district is under the control of the Karen National Union.

A witness to the killing told Karen News, Naw Khit was first arrested at her farm hut and later killed.

“Karen soldiers used to charge their phones at her hut and to take a rest while on patrol. When the Burma Army patrol came, the Karen soldiers ran for cover, but were spotted by the Burma Army. The Burma soldiers interrogated the woman [Naw Khit] and killed her.”

Local sources, confirmed that on December 21st, Burma Army soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion 101 under Division 22 together with a Border Guard Force (BGF) militia fought with KNLA troops while on their way to the a former BGF camp in Kya Thaung Seik village, later captured by Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Brigade 1 forces.

Villagers alleged Burma Army and BGF forces responsible for the killing of Naw Khit are stationed at Kya Thaung Seik village.

The Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG), are documenting human rights abuses in Karen State, issued a statement that said Naw Khit, was working with her husband when the Burma Army showed up at their farm.

“At the time of the fighting, the woman and her husband split up and fled. Naw Khit was captured by the Burma soldiers, tortured, and eventually shot dead,” KHRG reported.

KHRG reports the incident has made Naw Khit’s husband too terrified to return to their farm and this is causing the remaining family members difficulties.

The KNU’s Thaton District Information Department said after the KNLA troops captured and occupied the BGF camp in Kya Thaung Seik village on December 17, BGF troops stationed at Wintapan and Lay Kay in Bilin Township have been increasing their military operations.

A KNU statement issued by its Thaton District office said increased military operations in the area resulted in fighting between the KNLA and the Burma Army Military Operation Command 8, on December 19. The KNU statement said the Burma Army soldiers were advancing from Paine Taw camp to the Wintapan BGF camp when fighting broke out, killing two Burma Army and wounding three soldiers.

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