Burma Army Soldiers Take Up Positions in Karen Homes and Monasteries – Villagers Security Shattered

Hundreds of Burma Army soldiers have forced themselves on Karen villagers, using their homes as makeshift barracks.

Villagers from Kyate (Kli) village are fearful for their security now Burma Army soldiers have taken up positions in their homes, underneath houses and at the local monastery.

Villagers told Karen News, Burma Army and its militia, the Border Guard Force (BGF) returned to Kyate (Kli) village after abandoning their camp on August 21, after it had been destroyed by the local units of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA).

Villagers, confirmed more than a 100 Burma Army soldiers have now taken up positions at the monasteries and in village homes. Villagers fearful of soldiers, fled their homes and moved out for their concerns over their security.

Since late August, the Burma Army and its BGF militia have attempted to retake their outpost in Kyate (Kli) village that have resulted in clashes with local KNLA soldiers. About 200 Burma Army and BGF soldiers returned to Kyate (Kli) village and taken up positions.

Villagers said on September 1, fighting between KNLA Battalion 18 troops and Burma Army soldiers in Paingkalandon village, north of Kyate (Kli), wounded three Burma Army soldiers.

Burma Army soldiers took up positions in Paingkalandon village and at the monastery Residents told Karen News they were scared and had to close their shops and move out to places of safety.

Despite fears for their safety, some villagers say they have no choice, but to stay and try to make a living for their families.

A villager stall holder told Karen News she had no choice, although she fears there will be fighting, but to re-open as she has to make a living.

“We’re afraid there will be fighting, but we still have to work for our livelihood. We will flee again if there is fighting, but we will still need to work if and when the fighting stops. We’re concerned for our safety but we still need to work.”

On 7 September 2021, the National Unity Government declared war on the military and urged citizens to launch an armed revolution against the military appointed State Administration Council and warned civilians to stock up on food and medical supplies in response to the possibility of a nationwide armed conflict.

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