Burma Army Blocks Road, Restricts Travel, Obstruct Aids and Access to Displaced Karen Villagers – Burma Army Shelling Continues, 200 More Villagers Displaced

The humanitarian aid for displaced Karen civilians has been blocked by the Burma Army. The villagers were displaced by recent fighting between the Karen National Union (KNU) and the Burma Army. The villagers are in desperate need of food, medicine, clothing and materials for shelter.

A local aid provider helping to transport goods to the displaced Karen villagers said help to support basic living such as food and clothing had reached Kyauk Gyi Town in Pegu Division, but the Burma Army refused to issue travel permission for the transportation.

The aid worker told Karen News it is impossible to get the assistance through as roads to the community have been blocked. The aid worker confirmed donations had reached the current location a month ago and most of the assistance had come from Yangon, Pathein and Pegu.

This humanitarian assistance includes food, medicine, materials for shelter, garments and donated money. The aid was organized, collected and delivered to the designated areas by Karen youth networks both inside and outside of Burma.

Karen National Union officials have been actively negotiating with the Burma Army to try to obtain a permit for safe transport of the assistance to the desperate communities.

Karen News contacted a KNU leader at their headquarters in an attempt to check and confirm the negotiations, but calls went unanswered. It is unknown at the time of writing when the donations will reach the displaced community.

In December 2020 and January 2021, as many as 4,000 Karen civilians in Papun and Kyauk Gyi areas of Karen State fled their homes to take refuge in the jungle due to fighting between the Karen National Liberation Army and the Burma army.

The military conflict is ongoing in Karen areas, stopping civilians returning safely to their villages. Free Burma Ranger, estimated as of the night of 14th of February another 200 Karen people fled their village as the Burma Army fired shells into their villages.

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