1,500 Villagers Protest Murder of Karen Woman – Demand Burma Army Camp Withdraw

More than 1,500 villagers from Ku Thu Hta village tract gathered for a peaceful protest on July 22 following the murder of a Karen woman by two Burma Army soldiers based in the area.

The peaceful protests held in front of four Burma Army outposts located in the Thu Khu Hta village tract called for their withdrawal from the villages.

The protest was triggered by the killing on July 16 by two Burma soldiers of Naw Mu Naw, a woman villager from Poe Lo Hta. The soldiers stole the dead woman’s jewelry before fleeing the area.

Villagers said the killing of Naw Mu Naw highlighted the danger the Burma Army puts villagers in and also their indiscriminate artillery shelling into villages often wounding and killing civilians.

Saw Eh Gay Moo, who took part at the protest said villagers have had enough of the oppression caused by the Burma Army.

“We have been oppressed by this military for a long time. It’s too much to take, so we want them to end this oppression.”

Villagers said if the Burma army outposts continue to exist in their villages it would threaten their security, make it hard to earn their living and civilians fear killings by the Burma Army could happen at anytime. Villagers said they want the military camp to move from their villages so they can live in a more peaceful and free environment.

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