Surveys will be Conducted in 186 Flood-affected Villages to Prevent Natural Disaster

Surveys will be done in 186 villages under three townships in the Karen State on September 20 with the aim to prevent another natural disaster after the villages suffered from socioeconomic losses due to the flooding.

Under the state government’s instruction, arrangements are being made to collect surveys in the villages in the eastern and western banks of the Salween River, villages on the islands on the Salween River, and villages along the Gyai River in Hpa-an, Hlaingbwe, and Kawkareik townships, the state deputy director U Zaw Min said.

“Basically, respective departments already have the lists. We are collecting [the surveys] to prevent similar incidents in the future. If the union government or the state government were to carry out projects [to prevenent the incidents], they can do research with accurate information,” said U Zaw Min.

The Youth Affairs Committee will take charge in collecting the surveys and the Department of Social Welfare and the Department of Disaster Management will join forces with the Gender Equality Network, Myanmar Heart Foundation, and the Karen State Civil Society Organization Network (KSCN) on technical and financial affairs, the deputy director continued.

Thirty-five youths from the Youth Affairs Committee will cooperate with community elders, village administrators, teachers, nurses, and religious leaders from the villages to ask questions on losses relating to education, health, social economic, roads and communication, agriculture, and livestock breeding and physical and mental effects of the flooding, according to the officials.

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