Five Killed, Six Injured after Heavy Rain Triggered Land Explosion

Five villagers died and six were injured after heavy rain triggered land explosion in Noh Li Village, which is located remotely from the town in western Hpapun Township, Karen State on July 27, according to a report from local residents.

“The land explosion took place at 4 am on July 27. The villagers were staying inside their huts on their farms due to heavy rain and flooding, but 11 villagers returned to the village to feed their chickens and pigs. Among them, five people died on the spot after they were buried by earth due to the explosion,” said Saw Nyunt Win, the area’s health officer, told Karen News on August 17.

Women and children, who were taking shelter inside the huts from the flooding in the village, were safe and the injured villagers were not in serious condition.

Noh Li Village is located inside Kheh Par Village Group of Lu Thaw Township under Hpapun (Mu Traw) District in the Karen National Union (KNU)-controlled area and is home to 16 households and a population of 116 people. Fourteen homes disappeared after they were buried under the earth in the land explosion.

Local residents said they have never seen such kind of land explosion before although landslides usually take place after heavy rain and flooding.

The villagers are currently taking shelter inside their own huts and the KNU Mu Traw District is making arrangement to assist them in solving food, living, and health issues.

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