Asian Human Rights Commission Supports Student Leaders Boycott Of Burma’s ‘Failed’ Judicial System

Student leaders from the All Burma Federation of Student Union’s have announced they will boycott the country’s judicial system and have announced a “Failed Law” calling for a change to the 2008 constitution.

The campaign was sparked by a crackdown by Burmese authorities on protesters against a joint Chinese and Burma Army copper mine project in Letpadaung in December 2014.

The crackdown saw police use live ammunition. One protester, a woman in her 50s named Khin Win, was shot after a bullet hit her in the head. A further 127 protestors were arrested at the site and as many as 50 remain in prison.

The Asian Human Rights Commission, based in Hong Kong, released a statement issuing it’s support for the boycott and calling on the Burmese Government to investigate the deadly Letpadaung protests.

The Asian Human Rights Commission stated that it “believes that if democracy is to flourish in Burma it is imperative that the government takes action against the persons responsible for the Letpadan crackdown and reviews the judicial process related to the case.”

The AHRC statement demanded the, “Immediate and unconditional release of the protestors will show that a more mature government in Burma has decided to move beyond the past,
and embrace a democratic future, one where the universal human rights
of all individuals are protected.”

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