The KNU Exchange Views with Civil Society Groups on Future Political Discussions

As part of its preparation for the upcoming political talks with the newly elected National League of Democracy government, representatives of the Karen National Union held a meeting with civil society organizations to exchange views. The meeting was held in Hpa-an at the office of the Research Institute for Social Events (RISE), on February 4, 2016.

At the meeting, Padoh Saw Hla Tun, head of the KNU’s Organizing and Information Department said that it is necessary for respective Karen civil society groups to discuss about how to do the preparatory work before the political talk.

Speaking to Karen News, Padoh Saw Hla Tun said.

“We’ve discussed how we, the KNU could prepare for the political talks by analyzing the situation in each sector and how we could discuss about what we want. It’s necessary for us to hold a national level and regional level meeting in our state.”

Padoh Saw Hla Tun said that Karen civil society groups and relevant people are to be invited to discuss potential problems likely political scenarios and the basic principles for a federal union that the Karen people would want.

Padoh Saw Hla Tun said that he discussion was an information sharing on what had been discussed at the previous Union Peace Conference. Based on those issues, a Karen National Conference, will be held in March, to discuss the issues, but with the delegation responsible for the peace talks.

Saw Zaw Lin, an official from the RISE management team told Karen News that they have made their position clear on how they can support the process during the dialogue.

“As for us we will help with the process as possible as we can.”

Over 20 people including representatives from KNU, RISE Karen Youth Network, Hsa Mu Htaw Group, Pa’O literature and culture groups and te Europe Burma Office (Myanmar) attended.

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