Shan farmers Demand Justice for Slain Villager Killed by Government soldier

More than 300 farmers from different parts of Shan State gathered to honour the memory of a fellow farmer, Loong Sarm, who was shot and killed by Burmese Government soldiers on October 13.

Loong Harm, 54, was travelling alongside 14 others to monitor mining operations in Loi Kham area close to his village when he was shot in the leg leading him to bleed to death.

Villagers said that the mining operations had poisoned local water sources and were illegal following an order by the Shan State Mining Minister to halt the project.

In a ceremony organised by the Shan State Farmers’ Network at Loon Sarm’s village, the farmers demanded an immediate halt to mining in the area and that the soldiers from Battalion 330 who fired the fatal shots, be brought to justice.

The Shan State Farmers’ Network said that Battalion 330’s claim that its soldier’s shot in ‘self-defence,’ was untrue because the villagers were unarmed and were leaving the site when accosted.

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