NLD’s Confident Of Winning Myawaddy District, But It’s Not Official…

Although the official results of the November 8th election have not been announced, the National League for Democracy candidates running for seats in Myawaddy District are confident they have won.

U Sein Bo, the NLD, Myawaddy district chairperson, and a House of Representative or Pyithu Hluttaw candidate spoke to Karen News of his confidence that had only to wait on the official announcement to declare victory.

Speaking to Karen News, U Sein`Bo said.

“I can say that all our candidates who ran for seats in Myawaddy District have won. But we still have not known all the results from every polling area. No matter what, we can say that we won – the official result will confirm our victory.”

The NLD had fielded candidates in all the available seats – House of Representatives, House of Nationalities and the State/Regional Assembly.

U Sein Bo said that as it is laid down in the NLD party policies, he will work for peace, a genuine democratization and for the rule of law to be enforced equally.

Nan Yi Thein, a Myawaddy resident who voted for the NLD told Karen News that she is pleased to hear the preliminary results.

“I am very happy to know that the party I voted for won the election. I have faith in this party and that’s why I voted for them. I want them to work toward bringing peace to this country and then to work for our poor.”

According to information from political party representatives and sources who monitored the election result, there are 51 polling areas in Myawaddy District and the NLD have won 40 of them while the ruling party the Union Solidarity and Development Party won the other 11.

Despite the NLD optimism, Karen News understands that the Election Union Commission has not made any official announcement or confirmation of candidates who won or lost seats.

During a press conference by the Hpa-an District Union Election Sub-Commission on November 9, its chairperson told reporters and election monitoring agencies that official announcement of the election result will be made only by the Union Level Election Commission after all result from townships, districts and States/Regions have been verified.

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