Burma Army Attack Leaves Two Shan Villagers Dead, Several Injured

A Burma Army attack on a village in Southern Shan State, that left two villagers dead was tantamount to a war crime, a human rights organisation claims.

The attack occurred on September 12, when about 100 Burma Army soldiers attacked Nawng Pa Deb village.

The Shan Human Rights Foundation, a human rights advocacy organisation based in Thailand, said that the attack was on a clear civilian area.

“They [Burma Army] fired shells indiscriminately into the village, injuring four men and two women; one of the men later died from his wounds. On entering the village, they kicked and beat one of the injured villagers, whose leg later had to be amputated, and deliberately shot dead an elderly grandmother.”

The Shan Human Rights Foundation reports that the attack came as conflict continues in Shan State and Kachin State between the Burma Army and non-state armed groups. This attack was in an area near the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army forces – who are one of the groups currently in conflict with the Burmese government.

The Shan Human Rights Foundation said that when the soldiers entered the village they went about ransacking houses and rounding up villagers.

“They looted money and possessions from the village, and forced four of the villagers to be their porters.”

Villagers said they witnessed a Burma Army soldier raise his rifle and shoot a 56 year-old woman inside the village temple. The Shan Human Rights Foundation documented the villagers eyewitness accounts.

“When they [the Burma Army] were about 50 meters from the temple, they saw a 56-year-old woman called Ba Jar entering the temple compound. Her house was next to the temple, and she was going to look for her young grandson, in case he was hiding in the temple. Villagers hiding nearby saw one of the soldiers deliberately aim his rifle at Ba Jar and shoot her. She was hit in the chest and died instantly.”

Villagers said the Burma Army soldiers offered $100 USD as compensation to the family of Ba Jar.

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