Kachin War Continues – Offensives in Mali Yang, Villagers Suffer

A report by Free Burma Rangers has recorded renewed offensives by government forces in Northern Shan State and Mali Yang in Kachin State.

The fighting in Kachin State started in 2011, and in spite of attempts to negotiate a ceasefire the conflict has continued.

The FBR estimate that fighting has led to more than 100,000 internally displaced and in June alone as many as 80 combatants, the majority of who are government forces, were wounded or killed.

FBR claim that human rights abuses are endemic, with continued reports of cases of sexual violence, theft, forced labour, torture and murder.

The latest offensive in Mali Yang have been no exception with new reports of human rights abuses including indiscriminate artillery fire in civilian areas, torture and arbitrary arrest by government forces.

FBR report that on June 6 a local government army commander threatened to burn down the houses of an entire village if they did not act as informants, on 17 June, 18 villagers from Seng Hpra village were arbitrarily detained. Though 16 were released, one is still missing, presumed to be in the custody of government forces.

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