Floods Cause Havoc in Border Refugee Camp and Throughout Burma

Weeks of non-stop heavy rain have caused flash flooding throughout Burma and northern Thailand. Residents in the Ma Ra Moe Refugee Camp on the Thai Burma border were terrified as flood waters swamped 30 houses. Aid vehicles were unable to get into Section 6 of the Camp as road access was cut off by floodwaters.

Saw Ywar Baw, social issue coordinator of Mae Ra Moe camp said; “There is serious concern for houses beside the streams. Water level increase for six feet under the houses [located near streams]. If the rain continues for the next two or three days, there will be more concerns for the safety of the people.”

Reports from Burma’s media and on social media stated that tens of thousands of people have been displaced and farms, roads, rail lines, bridges and homes destroyed. Flights to towns in Rakhine State have been cancelled. It is also reported that people are preparing for more destructive storm weather as it is reported that a cyclone is now gathering in the Bay of Bengal.

Communities in Chin, Shan and Rakhine States have been severely affected by landslides caused by the flooding. Roads in parts of northern Karen State have been closed because of floods and landslides.

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