Karen People’s Party Will Run in More Than 60 Irrawaddy Division Constituencies In The 2015 Election

The vice president of the Karen People’s Party, Saw Say Wah, told Karen News that its party will be running candidates in more than 60 constituencies in the Irrawaddy Division in the 2015 Election.

“In the meeting we held in late November, we nominated and selected our party’s representatives to run for seats in Burma’s Union Parliament. At the same time, we also decided to run for more than 60 important constituencies in Irrawaddy Division. There are only two seats that we will not be running for. Everyone should make the right choice for the party that can lead and represent Karen people,” said Saw Say Wah, vice president and the spokesperson of Karen People’s Party.

A decision was made at the meeting that current Karen Ethnic Affair Minister Saw Htun Aung Myint will again run for the same seat in Yangon Division. Karen Ethnic Affair Minister Saw Jubilee San Hla will contest the seat of Bago Division and current KPP Irrawaddy Division president Mahn Htun Tin will run for the Karen Ethnic Affair Minister seat for Irrawaddy Division.

“For the benefit of Karen people and other ethnic groups, I would like to tell the voters to support KPP. We have to compete with well-known political parties, but we will compete with them with dignity,” Mahn Htun Tin, who will run for the Karen Ethnic Affair Minister of Irrawaddy Division, told Karen News.

The party’s spokesperson said that after the next party conference, they will announce the names of the representatives who will run for seats in Yangon Division, Tanintharyi Division and Mon State.

KPP President Saw Htun Aung Myint said.

“Rangoon is the city that has influence all over Burma. Pwo Karen and Sagaw Karen also reside there. There are diverse religious groups and many humanitarian groups based there. I’m not saying I should be elected. Choose the party who can govern a diverse group of people from various religious backgrounds. I may not get this seat if the people find there is a more trust worthy and promising candidate.”

KPP, is based in Rangoon and took part in the 2010 election running for 42 constituencies including 5 Karen Ehtnic Affair Minister seats. From these seats, KPP gained 6 seats – two Karen Ethnic Affair Minister seats and 4 other seats, in Burma’s Union Parliament.

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