Voter Verification – Hla Ka Myin Village, Hpa-an Township Getting Ready For 2015 Election

A Hla Ka Myin village leader is determined that the population of voting aged people in his area are verified and ready to vote in the 2015 Election in Karen State. The village elder, Saw Htay Kyaw Myo, told Karen News that he began the verification process on November 13, 2014.

“In gathering data, the first and most crucial thing we will look at is the number of people who will turn 18 by November 2015. The next thing we checked is that their National Registration Card (NRC) [is in order]. We also checked the number of people registered at the house.”

Saw Htay Kyaw Myo said that the process of population verification is expected to be carried out in all the villages and townships within Karen State and that collected data will be sent to the District Head office in Hpa-an.

It is expected that the process will take at least a week to complete.

Following on from Hla Ka Myin Village Tract, government officials plan to move on to Hlaing Bwe, Kawkkareik, Kyar Inn Seit Kyi, Par Pun and then to Than Daung, where village leaders will take responsibility in gathering the population data.

Than Than Soe, a villager from Hla Ka Myin Village, told Karen News that the verification process included having to fill in a form in which they had to write down household registration, name, date of birth, parents’ names, gender, relationship, occupation, NRC number, ethnic group, nationality and religion.

“They said this verification process is for the 2015 Election. Villagers have to go to the village leader’s house to fill in the prepared forms,” said Than Than Soe.

According to the Hla Ka Myin village leader, Saw Htay Kyaw Myo, there are a total of 1,610 households and more than 9,000 people living in the 13 villages that make up the Hla Ka Myin Village Tract.

Saw Htay Kyaw Myo, said that the village leaders are trying to get the true number of people who are eligible to vote in 2015 and will check people’s National Registration Cards and household registrations.

The 13 villages in the Hla Ka Myin Village Tract are: Hla Ka Myin Village, Ya Tha Wor Village, Mae Baung Village, Naung Ya Pay Village, San Pan Non Village, Zay Ma Thwe Village, Thanton Village, Dawei An Village, Mainmashar Village, Hla Yin Kyay Village, Par Yo Village, Myaing Tharyar Village and Kwet Thit Village.

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