Ethnic Alliance Condemns Govt’s Strategic Use of Military Force Against Kachin and Shan

In a media statement released on April 23, the ethnic alliance the United Nationalities Federal Council (Union Of Burma), condemned the government for the use of systematic military force against ethnic armies.

The UNFC said in its statement that the Burma Army has run “a massive military offensives, since early April in the Kachin State and Northern Shan State, against the KIA, TNLA and the SSA (N) forces, assume the form of a general strategic offensive.”

The UNFC statement said that the Burma Army has strategically moved its units around the country.

“Divisions 22 and 44 are left in the Karen and Mon States, and Divisions 11, 33, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99 have been deployed in the above mentioned regions, and as they are conducting joint military operations with the local military units from North-East Command, Northern Command, MOC 16 and 21, we see that an overwhelming force is being used.”

The UNFC claim that the government troops have been position to bring the Kachin and Shan ethnic armies under its control.

“As Myanmar Tatmadaw has used, positioned and deployed an overwhelming force with the aim of encircling and annihilating the KIA, TNLA and SSA (N) forces, battles have taken place and likely to take place, in several places.”

The UNFC alleges that civilians are being abused are because of the Burma Army attacks on the ethnic armed groups.

“Refugees in endless number have to flee from their hearths and homes, and “crimes”, including human rights violations and sexual violence are reported daily, we, the UNFC, feel greatly concerned.”

The UNFC statement notes that the government is being disingenuous by talking up a nationwide ceasefire to the international community while running military operations out-of-sight of the media spotlight.

“At a time especially when negotiation is being conducted systematically by representatives of the Union Government of Myanmar/Burma and the ethnic armed resistance organizations for “Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement,” the government’s attempt to use military force for resolving problems is a thing, which should never be done, and we, the UNFC would like to warn that the action would be like breaking up into pieces the understanding and trust gained, at every step of the negotiation.”

The UNFC urged the government withdraw its military that “are conducting or preparing to conduct major military offensives, and let us continue undertakings until nationwide ceasefire agreement is reached, political dialogues are held and political agreements are achieved, for the establishment of lasting and honorable peace for the future Federal Union.”

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