KNU Investigates Burma Bomb Blasts

A series of bomb blasts in Burma in late October has raised concerns over the fragile security situation in Burma. The government alleged that individuals with links to the Karen National Union were responsible for the bomb attacks.

On October 25, the KNU called an emergency meeting of its executive members that resulted in a seven-member investigation team set up to look into the allegations.

Over 30 people, including all its district chairmen and brigadiers, members of its Central Executive Committee, Central Standing Committee and individual local leaders, attended the KNU emergency meeting.

Padoh Saw Kwe Htoo Win, general secretary of the KNU denied the government’s claims and explained to Karen News why an investigation commission was formed.

“There have been many media reports that the bombings are linked to the KNU, but actually it has nothing to do with our [KNU] organization. To be able to prevent such incidents and to make our stand clear, we formed this commission to look into all allegations and find out what the true story is.”

Padoh Saw Kwe Htoo Win said that the KNU strongly opposed such act of violence and reaffirmed its policy to solve all political problems through a peaceful and negotiated process. Padoh Saw Kwe Htoo Win confirmed that the KNU’s investigation commission would look into the allegations to see who and what is involved.

The KNU’s statement said its investigation commission will be led by Colonel Saw Roger Khin as its Head of Committee, Colonel Saw Paw Doh as a secretary, General Saw Johny, General Isaac, P’doh Saw Aung Maung Aye, Major Saw Tamla Thaw and P’doh Saw Eh K’lu Say.

The KNU’s statement said it reaffirmed its “policy to solve the political problems through a peaceful negotiated process.” The KNU emergency meeting “officially conveyed its deepest condolences to those victims and to the families of these attacks. The KNU confirms that under no circumstances was it involved in the recent bombings… and strongly condemns the actions of those involved.”

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