Mae Sot school bus crash – kills one, injures 29

A school bus with dozens of Burmese migrant children was involved in a collision with a truck. A three-month old baby was killed in the incident and 30 people taken to local hospitals.

A media statement from the non-government organization Help Without Frontiers, claimed the bus was “hit from behind by a speeding truck as the school bus was on the way to one of our schools, Best Friends school (42 kilometre school) on March 11, 2013 around 7 a.m.”

The school bus had stopped on Phrop Phra highway to pick up some students and the force of the crash caused it to tip over, throwing children and a teacher about the bus.

Help Without Frontiers said in its media statement that, “the most seriously injured, six students and one teacher, were taken to Mae Sot Hospital for further care. One student is in the intensive care unit at Mae Sot hospital, suffering from a collapsed lung and internal bleeding.”

Ann Siraporn Kaewsombat, a director with Help Without Frontiers called for community support to help the families cope.

“Any financial support or donations of toys, clothes or any other services to help the families is greatly appreciated.”

Help Without Frontiers provides education and financial support to Burmese refugees and migrants.

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