Burma civil society groups on study trip to Sri Lanka

Community workers flew from Rangoon on Saturday 19 January, to Colombo, Sri Lanka to meet with and learn from the experiences of civil society organisations who had experienced years of conflict.

Ma Thiri Myat Htin, the organiser and the Program Manager of the Intensive Asia Program, spoke to Karen News. Ma Thiri Myat Htin said that the people in the study group included members of the Myanmar Lawyers Network, the Kachin Peace Network, the Myanmar Journalist Network, and the Karen Women Action Group. The 10 member group is expected to be back in Rangoon on the 28thof January.

Speaking to Karen News, Ma Thiri Myat Htin said.

“We are going to meet with human rights organizations and peace groups in Sri Lanka. Then, we plan to meet with the government officials, department heads and senior leaders. We are going to a country that has had a similar situation to our country to learn.”

It is expected that the 10-member group on its return to Burma, would share with organizations what they learnt – the knowledge and experience gained while in Sri Lanka.

Naw Susana Hla Hla Soe, Director of the Karen Women Action Group, told Karen News.

“We are going to meet not only civil society groups in Sri Lanka, but also government officials. I hope that we can learn some from some good examples to take back to our country.”

Naw Susana Hla Hla Soe said that she is delighted that their group has got the chance to to take part in human rights and peace process related to the current situation in Burma.

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