Ethnic soldier arrested and killed by government troops

A sergeant from the Ta’ang National Liberation Army, an ethnic armed group operating in Northern Shan State, was arrested and killed by Burma Army yesterday while he was on leave and traveling back to his village to see a sick family member.

Sergeant Ayaing Aung was travelling to Mout Tan Tay village in Manton Township of Northern Shan State. The sergeant was arrested, interrogated and then killed by soldiers from the Burma Army Light Infantry Battalion 130 near Panku village on November 11.

Major Mine Bone Kyaw, the secretary of the Palaung State Liberation Front – the political wing of the TNLA, told Karen News about the incident.

“Sergeant Ayaing Aung was granted leave because one of his family members was seriously ill. Government soldiers captured him while he was traveling to his village. He was interrogated and then killed in the jungle.”

Major Mine Bone Kyaw said that according to the international laws and regulations governing prisoners of war (POW), the government troop have bnroken the convention by killing Sergeant Ayaing Aung.

According to sources close to the dead soldier’s family, Sergeant Ayaing Aung’s body was dumped in the jungle by soldiers from the Burma Army LIB 130. The family said they later found the body and buried it.

There has been recent fighting between the TNLA and government soldiers, on November 9, the Burma army launched a heavy artillery attack on the TNLA camp at Htat Chat Hill between Nanhkan and Mine Wee Township. The TNLA camp was captured by the Burma Army.

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