Major influenza outbreak in Pa-pun infects 1,467 villagers

An influenza outbreak in Northern Pa-pun Township has infected more than 1,467 villagers including children, according to health workers.

The Back Pack Health Worker Team told Karen News that a specific influenza virus type has infected 1467 villagers from the Pla Koh and Ler Mu Plaw village tract in Pa-pun Township.

Saw Win Kyaw, director of the BPHWT said.

“This flu has infected a wide range of people and of all ages, including children under five. The season change has not helped and we have noticed there are more infections found in the cold and humid areas.”

The villagers in the area have to rely on only two BPHWT clinics and at most, two community health workers. Villagers blame a lack of government health care services in the area and say it can be clearly seen now that villagers are in need of health care for the current Influenza outbreak.

Villagers say they have fever, dry coughing and sore throats. In the meantime, schools have closed and the BPHWT members are busily educating people to take precautions and to not travel between villages to prevent the infection from spreading.

Saw Win Kyaw, the director of the BPHWT said.

“400 students out of 600 are now infected by the flu. We have recommended that the school stay closed until we can control the influenza.”

There are more than 10 villages with a population of 2,000 in the Pla Koh and Ler Mu Plaw village tract in Pa-pun Township.

The Back Pack Health Worker Team is an independent and non-profit organization that has been delivering primary health care for over 13 years to people in conflict zones and rural areas deep inside Burma – where access to healthcare is otherwise unavailable.

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