KNU delegation meets Karen people, community leaders in Hpa-an

The KNU peace delegation addressed a large crowd Karen people in Hpa-an Township that included political leaders, community leaders and religious leaders. The KNU delegation explained the KNU’s ongoing ‘peace talks’ and said they sought cooperation from all Karen people in their attempt to achieve a lasting peace in Burma.

The KNU secretary, Naw Zipporah Sein, said as many as 1,000 Karen people came to the Thu May Dah Ramah Temple in Hpa-an.

“The KNU is trying to build a lasting peace by holding talks with the government, our aim is for all of our people to be able to live in peace, have stability and to be able progress their lives. To build peace for the Karen nation is the cause of all Karen people – we need the support of every Karen, their cooperation and their advice.”

The KNU delegations meet with Karen leaders and community representatives from the Irrawaddy Division, Rangoon, Pago, Tenithanyi Division, Papun, Hpa-an and many others township in Karen State.

Among issues raised by the Karen representatives was for the Burma government to stop labeling the KNU as an illegal organization. Community leaders said all Karen people and their leaders are in high expectation that the KNU will be able to operate legally and meet nationally with their people nation in the near future.

A well respected monk, Pyinnyar Tarmi, also known as Taung K’lay Sa Ya Daw, meet with the KNU delegations said.

“We should all work with courage in resolving the political problem. Today I announce that Tuang K’lay Sa Ya Daw will always support the KNU and will always be behind them.”

The Karen parliament member Nan Say Hwa who attended the meeting told Karen News.

“I am happy today, we Karen have never seen each other like this before, it’s been along time coming. We welcome the KNU and the government and encourage them to follow the rules and regulations in reaching a formal ceasefire. We will be involved and we support them. All our people are living in hope.”

Nan Say Hwa said she looked forward to working with the KNU but added warning.

“We welcome the KNU to come back and to help develop Karen State, but we will not welcome the KNU if they return to make peace just for so they make a business out of the state’s natural resources for their own interest.”

The KNU delegations left Hpa-an and arrived in the evening to Rangoon, the delegation will stay at the Sedona Hotel. The KNU delegation along with Burma government officials held an evening meeting with diplomats, politicians, NGOs and media that was arranged by the Burma government.

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