Resigns Karen party leader to form new party in Karen State

Saw Than Kyaw Oo, the former chairman of the Pa-an based Plone-Swor Democratic Party has applied to form a new political party named the Kayin Democratic Party, according to a Burma government run newspaper, the new party will start with 16 members.

Saw Than Kyaw Oo recently resigned from the PSDP after an emergency meeting decision taken on October 30.

The PSDP, general secretary, S’Be Kyin Oo, spoke to Karen News.

“Saw Than Kyaw Oo had already resigned from our party. We don’t want to give any comment about his decision to form a new political party. His political decision will not adversely affect us.”

S’Be Kyin Oo, general secretary of PSDP confirmed at least two party members from the PSDP will join Saw Than Kyaw Oo’s new party, the Kayin Democratic Party, but he would not identify them yet.

The government run news paper also reported that under the 2008 constitution the Union Election Commission should submit the case the relevant ministry under the political party registration acts 4 and 6.

In other related developments, Saw Than Kyaw Oo took up the position of former chairman, Saw Khin Maung Myint, the current Karen State transport minister. He also contested the Kyaikmayaw Township constituency No.1 for the Karen State Assembly, but was defeated.

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