Junta continues airstrikes of KNU 5th Brigade zone

Mutraw district, a territory of the Karen National Union (KNU)’s 5th Brigade, was bombed again on January 13 th . A fighter jet dropped bombs on Sarlawpu village, Paykay village tract, Luthaw township, and exploded on a residential house, and the surrounding buildings were blown away, according to the Mutraw district news release.

On January 3 rd 7 th 12 th and January 13th, the Military Council carried out massive airstrikes for 4 days, targeting homes and churches, according to Mutraw district news.

In the most recent bombing, a house and a barn belonging to Saw Lay San Htoo in Sarlawpu village were hit, a nearby Baptist church, a house of Pastor Saw Htoh Bhebe, a house of Saw Pay Htoo and Saw Khee Ka Paw’s betel farm were damaged, according to Mutraw News.

Similarly, on January 12, the military council bombed the Christian church in Laywar village, Paykay village tract, Luthaw township at 2:00 p.m., KNU reported that a total of 5 people, including two Christian pastors, a child and two local villagers, were killed and 4 others were injured.

In addition, on January 7th, a plane bombed the Lelhtuphoe area of Maethu Village, Dweiloe Township, destroying 7 buildings including a hospital. In the same day, four more bombs were dropped, killing the gold miner Daw Nwe Ni, her two sons, a daughter-in-law, and two workers.

On January 3, the Military Council dropped more than 50 bombs and fired more than twenty thousand bullets (20,000) into Dweiloe Township, Mewaing Village Tract, Mewaing Village, Domelkhee Village, Khalokhee Village and workplaces with 4 warplanes, KNU reported.

Prior to the airstrikes, KNU 5th Brigade headquarters issued a statement on January 1 urging locals not to cooperate with the junta and all civil servants from various departments to resign, and leave.

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