Photo evidence the Burma Army uses civilians as human shields

The humanitarian organisation Free Burma Rangers has released photographic evidence showing that the Burma Army forces civilians to act as human shields and minesweepers in conflict areas.

In a statement released on October 23, Free Burma Rangers, said that on 5th June this year during a firefight with Karen National Liberation Army fighters in Dooplaya District, Burma Army soldiers mortared Myine Tha Ya and Aplone village. Free Burma Rangers said in their statement that Battalion Commander, Aye Min Soe, led the Light Infantry Brigade responsible for the attack on the villages.

“When they arrived at Myine Tha Ya Village, the Burma Army forced the villagers out from their covering pits, which are holes the villagers dig in the ground to hide in for protection from crossfire.”

FBR explained in their statement that the Burma Army ordered civilians to carry supplies and used them as shields in case of attacks from Karen fighters.

“The Burma Army forced the villagers to carry loads and serve as human shields and minesweepers on their six-mile patrol to Meh Ta Li Village. Amongst the group of villagers forced to carry loads were a 9 -year-old boy and a pregnant woman.

FBR has 53 teams delivering emergency medical assistance to displaced communities in eastern Burma.

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