Generation Wave reaches four and still singing

The Burmese youth activist group, Generation Wave, on October 9, 2011 celebrated its fourth anniversary of the founding of the organization in Rangoon, Burma.

Ko Zaya Thaw, a founding leader of the organization, who is also a singer and a politician, said the simple celebration with a reception was held at Thirimingala Yan Aung Temple in San Chaung Township of Rangoon. The ceremony was attended by as many as 200 people, including activists from the political and the art communities.

The short ceremony went from nine in the morning to 12noon. U Win Tin, an executive member of the National League for Democracy and Yan Yan Chan, a well know singer were among the attendees.

Yan Yan Chan said that he attended the ceremony to honor the youth group, Generation Wave, who are working for the benefit of the country.

“I am not an official member of this organization, but I am a childhood friend with these guys. I believe they are working for our country and not doing negative or bad things. I am here to honor their fourth birthday.”

Generation Wave was founded on October 9, 2007 with the objective of creating a peaceful society that valued freedom, fairness and gave its citizens a higher standard of living. Generation Wave’s founding leader, Zaya Thaw was jail edin March 2008 for his political beliefs and activities, but was released three years later on March 2011 from Kawthoung Prison in an amnesty granted by President Thein Sein and leader of the current ruling party, Union Solidarity and Development Party. At the time, exile opposition groups, international human right groups and the international community criticized the amnesty as a stunt by the military backed civilian government.

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