DKBA kill six Burma Army Soldiers

Fighters from the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army launched an attack on a Burmese Army frontline unit at Wawlay area southern Myawaddy Town killing six soldiers and wounding one.

Major San Aung, a DKBA spokesperson, confirmed for Karen News, that on October 12, DKBA’s Klo Htoo Baw Tactical Command Unit led by Major Chit Thei attacked Burma Army Light Infantry Battalions 304, 403, and 310 combined units with 100 soldiers for about 20 minutes.

“We killed three soldiers in the first barrage, another four were wounded, three of those died because of lack of medical.”

As soon as the fighting started, local villagers’ fled to hiding places as they did not want to be taken as frontline porters for the Burma Army or as happened in recent conflicts ordered to carry their injured soldiers. Villagers also accused the Burma Army of firing shells and bullets indiscriminately into the village.

A Karen National Liberation Army source told Karen News their fighters were also active in the area confirmed the villagers claims that the Burma Army had asked the villagers to be deatined at the village monastery.

Major Kyi Aung, the KNLA’s battalion 201 Deputy Commander said.

“According to the villagers, most of the civilians were able to run away from the Burma Army, but some who decided to stay keeps staying in the village were detained by Burma Army at the local monastery.”

According to the DKBA they didn’t have any fighters injured or killed in the clash.

Villagers in the area say there are skirmishes between the Burma Army and Karen fighters almost everyday around the Kyain Seikgyi Township, Kawkariek Township and Myawaddy Township.

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