Junta’s Increases Airstrikes in Desperate Effort to Prevent More Losses Military Camps

Since the joint resistance forces, led by the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), seized the base of the 355th Light Infantry Battalion in Thinganyinaung on March 7, the Junta, fearing that more military camps in the area could also be captured , has escalated its air raids conducting them almost every day.

The Junta is trying to hand onto other military camps in the area of Myawaddy Township, Karen State, situated along the Thailand-Myanmar border route locals said.

A resident of Thinganyinaung, preferring anonymity, reported significant damage to numerous houses and public buildings as a result of these airstrikes.

“After the loss of the 355th Battalion, the Junta’s airstrikes became much more frequent. Typically, each airstrike involves dropping between 50 to 100 bombs. Just yesterday, an aerial bombardment killed one villager and injured two others in Htee Moo Hta. Today we heard that about 60 bombs fell near the industrial zone”, he told KIC.

A resistance fighter also cautioned the public to remain vigilant and careful, highlighting that as the Junta faces setbacks on the battlefield, civilians may be arbitrarily targeted in the Junta’s retaliatory actions.

This month, the KNLA and the People’s Defense Force (PDF) working together defeated the Junta’s 355th and 356th light infantry battalions based in Thinganyinaung, as well as the Hpalu and Kyaikdon tactical command bases, all within the 6th Brigade area of the Karen National Union (KNU).

Suffering significant losses of military camps, the Junta has escalated its airstrikes, leading to the loss of many civilian lives and the displacement of tens of thousands.

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