First-Ever Post-Coup Clash in KNU 7th Brigade Territory Erupts

Video footage emerged online on March 19 depicting the first -reported clash within the KNU/KNLA ’s 7th Brigade zone), which had previously remained devoid of clashes, and relatively calm in the aftermath of the coup.

An unnamed military source confirmed that a skirmish erupted when about 20 Junta troops attempted to invade a route towards the KNU-controlled Methawaw area under the pretext of repairing a base and road.

“The Junta troops advanced claiming to clear the road. The 7th Brigade warned them not to proceed, stating they would fire upon them if they did. Despite the warning, the Junta troops to move forward, triggering a battle upon crossing the line.

The7th Brigade managed to capture two vehicles, weapons, and some enemy soldiers alive”, the source told KIC.

According to the footage, the 7th Brigade seized a variety of Junta weapons and ammunition, along with demining equipment and a bulldozer, resulting in the deaths of several Junta troops and the capture of 11 others alive.

Another frontline source remarked “About 20 soldiers advanced to guard the bulldozers intended for road construction, leading to a clash due to the lack of coordination between the two sides. Although the Junta troops asserted their intention to clear the road, their true motives may have been something else.”

Following the clash, a Junta aircraft circled the area, though no air attack occurred. At present, both sides are engaged in negotiations regarding the captured troops.

Currently heavy fighting is underway around Thingannyinaung, situated between the territories of the KNU 6th and 7th Brigades, as resistance forces endeavor to seize control while the Junta continues to resist vigorously, employing artillery barrages and air raids.

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