The Karen Resistance(KNLA) Holds onto to its capture of Junta Camp despite Artillery and Drone Bombs

The Military Council troops have ceased ground attacks on the Lat Khat Taung Tower Hill camp, currently captured by Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) joint forces. Instead, they are now deploying artillery and drone bombs.

A source from the KNLA joint column related that more than a month after the Lat Khat Taung Tower Hill camp had been captured by KNLA joint forces on July 21. The military has still been unable to retake control of the hill.

“The military targets Lat Khat Taung daily through various means. We remain in a constant state of vigilance. During the night of August 31, the military deployed drones to drop bombs. Artillery shells are launched from multiple locations, at a frequency of at least 5 to 10 times a day. It’s been over two weeks since the ground troops did not dare to ascend the mountain,” reported a source from the joint KNLA column to KIC.

On August 31, between 9:30 and 11:00 p.m., the Military Council troops reportedly launched approximately 20 artillery shells towards Lat Khat Taung, resulting in explosions. However the KNLA joint forces reported that there were no casualties as a result of this artillery shell attack.

During the past month the military has carried out multiple attacks involving airstrikes and artillery shells, resulting in damage to religious structures and stupas in Lat Khat Taung. The monastery and local residences in Pwit Lin Aye Myaing and Myittar Lin Myaing villages at the base of the mountain have also suffered increasing damage.

“The pagodas and religious structures on the mountain have been reduced to ruins. The monasteries and residences belonging to Pwit Lin Aye Myaing and Myittar Lin Myaing, located at the mountain’s base, have also been demolished. The military and BGF are occupying those houses and monasteries, and they are launching artillery shells toward the mountain from those villages,” reported a Myittar Lin Myaing villager who had fled the conflict.

Due to the ongoing battle at the Lat Khat Taung Tower Hill camp, in which both sides continue to fight, approximately a thousand local residents from Myittar Lin Myaing, Pwit Lin Aye Myaing, Kant Kaw Ta Htaung, Mae Htaw Talay villages, as well as Sit Hmu Htan Haung, Kyauk Lone Gyi, Shwe Mya Sandi, and Tone Tadar wards, have been displaced. These individuals have sought safety in areas away from the nearby conflict, as reported by the internally displaced persons (IDPs).

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