After Air-strikes On Kyaukkyi Township- Local Hospital Has No Doctors

Aerial attacks on residential neighborhoods during June within the Kyaukkyi Township of the Bago Region forced In June forced many residents, including healthcare workers, to evacuate their homes. The evacuations crippled the capacity of the local hospital to provide medical services.

“Since the Natthankwin battle, our hospital has been without any doctors; only nurses remain. Nearly all healthcare workers took unpaid leave and fled the conflict. The result is emergency patients now must seek treatment in Penwegon, while those with sufficient funds go to hospitals in Taungoo and Phyu townships,”A man who is receiving treatment in a neighboring township told KIC.

In June intense clashes erupted between resistance forces and the regime’s forces, with the latter conducting airstrikes on residential Natthankwin Subtownship, within the Kyaukkyi Township of the Bago Region Individuals in need of immediate medical attention are left with no alternative but to journey to neighboring townships for healthcare services, which imposes severe transportation problems.

Between Natthankwin and Penwegon, there are several Military Council checkpoints, known for their rigorous inspections, causing frequent delays on the route. During the rainy season, the road connecting Penwegon and Gyobingauk becomes inundated and damaged, creating inconvenience for elderly travelers, locals said.

“During the rainy season, the road gets damaged, and traveling around the villages becomes difficult due to blockages. Ferry ports are closed for security reasons, making the journey of patients to Gyobingauk extremely difficult.. Sometimes there is no transport available. This situation has made it almost impossible for the elderly, chronic patients, and those in need of emergency care”, another Natthankwin resident explained.

Most of the more affluent residents are leaving Natthankwin and relocating to nearby townships.The Military Council has taken control over all entry and exit points to Natthankwin, with only those facing difficulties in evacuation remaining there.

In recent months, regime soldiers have been conducting thorough house-to-house searches, inspecting overnight guest lists, and apprehending suspects within Natthankwin. Several individuals are detained at the local police station on suspicion of being involved in political activities.

In Kyaukkyi Township, within the jurisdiction of the 3rd Brigade under the Karen National Union (KNU), the Military Council has imposed severe restrictions on the transport of large amounts of medicine and food. They have also resorted to stopping vehicles, extorting money, and unjustly confiscating food from them, according to the Karen Emergency Relief Committee.

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