The KNU 5th Brigade Reports 178 clashes in February 69 regime soldiers and BGF killed

On March 5, Karen National Liberation Army-KNLA troops raided a police station in Kataingti village, within the territory controlled by the KNU 5th Brigade, resulting in the deaths of a police station commander and a policewoman, according to a report by the KNU 5th Brigade.

On the same day, the KNLA launched an attack on the Border Guard Forces-BGF Battalion 1013 troops under the Military Council, resulting in the deaths of three BGF troops and injuries to six others, according to the KNU Mutraw District News.

According to the KNU, the Military Council is engaging in continuous fighting with KNLA forces and conducting military incursions into the area controlled by the KNU 5th Brigade, using both ground and air.

The KNU monthly press release Mutraw District News reported that fighting has been occurring almost daily in the area controlled by the KNU 5th Brigade, with 178 clashes taking place in the month of February.

The report also states that 69 soldiers of the Military Council and BGF have been killed, and 49 have been wounded, while the KNLA has lost two members and three have been wounded.

The KNU 5th Brigade has also announced that BGF troops under the Military Council are intentionally firing artillery shells at local villages and fields, resulting in injuries and deaths of local people.

The KNU reported that on March 8, BGF Battalion 1013 troops fired artillery shells at Po Gar village, located in Layhpoehta village-tract of Dweiloe township, resulting in injuries to 39-year- old Naw Dah Phoe and 16-year-old Naw Ba Lel, both residents of Po Gar village.

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