Local People’s Defense Force Issues Warning Against Military Products Use

On March 11, the Oak Awe Column Dawei issued a notice to residents in Dawei Township, Tanintharyi Region and the eastern Dawei, advising them against the use of military products.

The statement declared that starting from March 11, trucks traveling on the Dawei-Hteekhee highway in Dawei Township and eastern Dawei, along with local residents, are prohibited from using or transporting military products in their vehicles.

“The current situation is to caution the public against using products manufactured by the Military Council. If any such items are found, we will destroy the products at once,” an information officer of the Oak Awe Column told KIC.

The statement released by the Oak Awe Column indicated that the Military Council’s products encompass more than 30 categories, including tobacco, beer, various food items, as well as institutions such as hospitals, hotels, and banks.

In addition, on January 31, the local People’s Defense Force conducted a casual check on the Dawei-Hteekhee highway and arrested 3 people along with 2 motorcycles carrying 600 tablets of WY drugs, the People’s Defense Force announced.

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