KNDO-operated drone attack on Military Council camp south of Myawaddy kills 2 commanders of infantry divisions

A joint force led by the Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) attacked an encampment of the Military Council in Htee Ka Pa Lel village, south of Myawaddy town, in the Dooplaya District on January 31st.

Lt. Col. Saw El Mya Htoo chief of the KNDO’s 8 th brigade told KIC , “On Karen Revolution Day (January 31st) and the coup anniversary (February 1st), we partnered with KNLA 103rd Battalion and launched an attack. I myself led the attack, in which we targeted where their leadership would be, and attached high-explosive shells to the drone. Both of their commanders were in the hut, so they suffered dearly”, he said.

During the deadly drone attack, the commander of the 32nd Infantry Division, Captain Zaw Win Naing, was killed on the spot, and the commander of the 585th Light Infantry Division, Captain Wai Lin Soe, and two subordinates were seriously wounded and but after being moved to a safer place later died from their injuries, Saw El Mya Htoo added.

KNDO’s 8th Battalion (Security Battalion), Karen National Liberation Army’s (KNLA) 103rd Battalion, and Federal Wings Drone, had collaborated in the territory of the KNU ‘s 6th Brigade to the drone attack on the camp of Htee Ka Pa Lel-based Military Council’s 32nd Infantry Division. and 585th Light Infantry Division. The explosion killed both division commanders according to the Karen (KNDO) commander.

In March of last year, KNLA and allies tried to capture the Htee Ka Pa Lel-based Military Council camp. At that time the Karen joint forces were able to penetrate to the bottom of the hill where the camp was located, but because the Junta air support arrived in time, they were unable to occupy the entire camp, and had to retreat.

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