The closure of DKBA community high school after Junta’s attack

Sabotages students hopes of completing their education In Kyein Chaung Village, Kyainseikgyi Township, Karen State, a community high school opened by Colonel Saw A Wan, a leader of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA), has been closed, making it difficult for more than 200 ethnic students from various regions to continue their education.

This Karen (DKBA) group is aligned against the coup regime, and works within the umbrella of the KNU which no longer supports the NCA.

However the other DKBA faction that broke away from the KNU, has become an important ally of the Tatmadaw’s anti- KNU military operations.

The high school in Kyein Chaung village, where local youths from various townships in Dooplaya District are studying, was closed after the Military Council unleashed bombs near the school on the morning of January 21.

“There was only one exam left. We have also planned to have a graduation ceremony. At night, they dropped bombs near our school, and everyone was scared. We couldn’t attend the school during both the covid period, and the coup d’état. It is great opportunity for us to get a free education at the school opened by the Colonel. Now the school is closed. It is very difficult for us to continue our education,” a tenth grade student told KIC.

In this community high school, the Karen subject is mainly taught, and the curriculum of the new system and the old system are also taught from kindergarten to 10th grade. In addition, the local students who attend from various regions, are also supported by the school in addition to accommodation and food, as well as school uniforms, according to the students.

“ Among the schools I have attended, this school teaches practical teaching and personal thinking in a systematic way. In terms of learning, there is a difference with state schools. I have the opportunity to learn Karen language. There is also a government curriculum. I would like to ask any armed group, not to threaten our young people who to study in peace.” said a young man who attends school in the Winyaw region.

The Kyein Chaung Village High School, which opened in the 2022-2023 academic year, has become a school relied upon by the local residents from various townships in Dooplaya District, a territory of Karen National Union (KNU). It is difficult for most of the young students to continue their education due to lack funds according to the parents of the students.

Free health clinics had also being opened for local communities near the No.2 tactical command center headed by DKBA Colonel Saw A Wan, based in Kyein Chaung village in Dooplaya District, a territory of Karen National Union (KNU).

In the vicinity of that place, on January 21, the Military Council came and bombed with warplanes, and the local people have been fleeing the war until today.

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