Military forces / BGF in Kawkareik-Kyondoe, constant fear drone attacks with explosives from revolutionary forces in Karen State

The Military Council battalions and Karen Border Guard Forces (BGF) outposts in the Kawkareik-Kyondoe region are under frequent bombing attacks from drones operated by the revolutionary joint forces, pushing Junta forces into great panic, a source close to the military said.

“ 545/546 Battalions in Kyondoe, the BGFs who provided security at the Kyondoe bonfire festival, the troops from the Kawkareik-based 97th Division and who stationed at Lower Bo Te, Taung Thone Lone (Three Mountains), and Chaung Thaung school fear all the time that the revolutionary forces will attack them with bombs attached to their drones. Many of their troops have been killed by bomb- laden drones. They are scared and this prompts them to fire artillery at villages they think are where the revolutionary forces are hiding”, a person close to the military, who did not want to be named, said.

On January 20th, revolutionary forces bombed a gambling ring operated with permission from BGFs, in the area where the Kyondoe bonfire festival used to be held, he added.

“Now they are very worried about the bonfire festival planned to be held on the 27th and the Japanese-built Gyaing Bridge being attacked, and have increased security”, the source also said.

On the morning of January 23rd, a Military Council column heading towards Yan Kote village from Kawkareik was attacked by drones. Also, a Kyondoe BGF base was bombed by drone-dropped grenades, causing the BGF soldiers to flee, a Kyondoe resident said.

“In recent days, the Military Council troops in Kyondoe and Kawkareik have been frequently attacked by drones. So, they responded with indiscriminate shelling. This morning, they fired artillery at Kan Ni, Kamma Rite, and Mi Galon villages. The Kawkareik-based 97th Division also fired randomly with artillery”, he told KIC.

Although there is no fighting along the Myawaddy-Kawkareik-Kyondoe Road these days, the revolutionary joint forces (drone units) are determined to increase the tempo of drone bombing attacks on the Military Council troops in the region.

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