7 Junta fighter jets attack KNU-held Mutraw (Hpapon) district on Jan 7th

KNU reports total of 182 bombs dropped in 35 airstrikes close to KNLA 5 th Brigade HQ in 2022

The Military Council carried out heavy air strikes using up to seven fighter jets on a single day on January 7th in Mutraw, an area of the KNU 5th Brigade.

During these air attacks, four bombs fell into Yar Hti Hta village in Me Thu village tract of Dwe Lo township, killing four people from a family and two gold miners.

On the same day, two fighter jets dropped four bombs on the Dae Pu No area near the headquarters of the KNU 5th Brigade, injuring a villager and destroying a house and a car. In the morning before the incident, the Military Council’ss warplanes dropped about 20 bombs, destroying the hillside farms of the locals, KNU announced.

According to the Annual Battle List compiled by the 5th Brigade ,there were 2737 battles in the area of KNU’s Mutraw district throughout the year 2022, and the Military Council dropped 182 bombs in 35 airstrikes.

The Six innocent civilians were killed when the Military Council’ s fighter jets bombed Le Htu Pho area of Me Thu village tract in Dwe Lo township of Mutraw (Hpapon) district, a territory of Karen National Union (KNU), KNU Mutraw news reported on January 9th.

The deceased were Yar Hti Hta villager Daw New Ni, her two sons, her daughter-in-law and two gold miners. A clinic and seven other buildings in the region were also destroyed due to aerial bombardments.

Due to the military council’s aerial bombardments, the locals are fleeing in panic and are facing difficulties for living and food.

On January 3rd, four aircrafts of the Military Council dropped more than 50 bombs and fired more than 20,000 rounds of machine guns on farmlands in Me Wai, To Me Khee and Kha Lo Khee villages in Me Wai village tract on Dwe Lo township, KNU announced.

KNU reported that all over their territories in Karen, and Mon states – Bago and Tanintharyi regions, that by November 2022 an estimated 7,227 clashes had been taken place. It said 6,187 regime soldiers were killed and 4,985 injured and 30 resistance fighters were killed and 60 injured.

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