Lay Kay Kaw Fighting Displaces More Than 4,000 Villagers – As Fighting Intensifies, Thousands More Prepare to Flee

As the Burma Army continued to shell villagers in the Lay Kay Kaw areas, more than 4,000 people were forced to leave their homes, some attempted to cross to Thai side for safety.

Local community organizations, responding to the emergency needs of the displaced people, estimate 2,000 residents from Lay Kaw Kaw and another 2,000 villagers from nearby villages such as Htee Meh Wah Khee, Yathit Gu, P’Hee Klaw, Maw Toh Talay fled their homes to seek safety.

A community worker, helping the displaced villagers, told Karen News.

“The fighting in the Lay Kay Kaw area, displaced 2,000 people from Lay Kay Kaw alone. There are also displaced people from Htee Meh Wah Khi village and P’Hee Klaw and Yathit Gu villages.”

Communities groups estimate more than 2,000 displaced villagers crossed to the Thai side of the border. Social media posts showed artillery shells landing close to displaced villagers as they crossed the Moei River that is the border between Burma and Thailand. Reports estimate more than 50 artillery shells landed on the Thai side fired by the Burma Army.

Latest reports from the areas indicate displaced villagers numbers are increasing and there is potential of more than 10,000 villagers will need to evacuate their homes as fighting intensifies.

A displaced mother with young baby. (Photo-Ka Hsaw Wah)

The displaced villagers are in urgent need of shelter, blankets, food and medicine and other emergency support. Community workers working to deliver aid, told Karen News the cold weather, has made it difficult for mothers, young children and the elderly.

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