Workshop Held in Hpa-an to Boost Networking among CSOs

Women Leadership Sector and Gender Equality Workshop and CSO meeting has been held at Hotel Gabbana in Karen State’s Capital Hpa-an on February 20-21 with the aim to introduce the civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Karen State and share their activities and boost networking.

“The organizations from this area will exchange their experiences and give advices on how to solve each other’s difficulties. Then, we will submit to respective government officials with this united force,” said Daw Khin Lay Nge, director of Phan Tee Eain and one of the workshop organizers.

Led by Hpa-an-based Free and Fair Women’s Network, the workshop focused on women’s rights issues such as violence, more participation of women in decision-making and important issues in the region.

“I want to know where the women from the Karen State can make their contributions. [Can we contribute] when laws are being drafted or the economic sector is being boosted? I hope the government will hear the voices from here and make some changes for Karen women,” said Nan Yuzana Thein from the Network Activity Group in Hpa-an, who attended the workshop.

Over 50 representatives from over 30 CSOs in the Karen State attended the workshop on February 20.

Government officials have also attended the workshop on the 21st and the outcomes of the discussions from the first day will be presented back to them, according to the organizers.

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