Burma Army Tortures Three Farmers for Talking Loudly and Shoots Farmer in Mong Yen, Northern Shan State

A statement released by the Shan Human Rights Foundation on December 6, 2016, details the torture and shooting of villagers in northern Shan State.

The statement alleged that three villagers were “tortured for speaking loudly.” The SHRF report that on “November 13, 2016, three villagers, including a 16-year-old boy, were badly beaten by Burma Army troops of LIB 119 in Wan Koong Pao, Ei Nai tract, Mong Yen area, Lashio district, northern Shan State.”

The SHRF’s statement noted that on “November 13, several Burma Army troops standing guard around the village heard three farmers talking in one of the houses. The three villagers were Lung Hla Win (aged 64), Sai Nyunt (25) and Sai Tun (16). They were speaking loudly because Lung Hla Win is hard of hearing, and were talking about travelling to Mong Yen. The troops accused them of trying to inform Shan soldiers about the Burmese troops’ movements so they could lay landmines along the route, and began beating them. They were released only when the headman of the village came and signed that they were villagers.”

SHRF reported that a farmer, Sai Ai Hsai was shot when he was returning home from foraging in the jungle. SHRF allege that on “November 16, 2016, the 40-year-old farmer was shot by Burma Army troops from Battalion 69 at about 3:30 pm, was returning back from the jungle when he met Burmese troops standing guard at his village. The troops started shooting at him, and a bullet hit his right thigh. His relatives sent him to Lashio hospital for treatment.”

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