KNU meets with President and Defense Minister – Nationwide Ceasefire Tops Agenda

A Karen National Union delegation of 10 and led by General Mutu Say Poe met yesterday with Burma’s President Thein Sein and Defense Minister Min Aung Hlaing.

The KNU’s Joint Secretary, P’Doh Mahn Mahn confirmed with Karen News that, “the objective of the trip is to meet with the President and the Defense Minister in Nay Pyi Daw. The meeting will focus on the cease-fire process and how to proceed future political dialogues.”

A KNU spokesperson said that the organization would release a statement on its return to the Thai Burma border.

In a earlier KNU statement said that the political organization would meet with U Aung Min from Peace Center in Rangoon on Jan 4th and on the 5th and 6th meet the President.

The KNU statement said that the objective of the meeting was to discuss a nationwide cease-fire. The KNU said armed forces units and relevant military officers and high level government officers would then discuss and will report to the KNU.

P’Doh Mahn Mahn explained to Karen News that to reach a nationwide ceasefire it is important to get the detail right.

“The ethnic armed forces will hold a conference at the KNU headquarters in Law-Khee-La [Karen News is led to understand it will be held on January 20]. We will discuss the role of the country’s armed forces in the nationwide ceasefire agreement. We will take the government’s position to the conference for discussion to prevent any impediments, as the military forces are the most critical in any ceasefire agreement reached between ethnic armed forces and government.”

A KNU source told Karen News that on December 30th, 2013, Burma government Ministers, U Aung Min and U Khin Yee met with KNU leaders on the Thai-Burma border to discuss on going issues related to the ceasefire agreement.

The KNU delegation members to meet with the president included Saw Mutu Say Poe (KNU Chairman), P’Doh Saw Kweh Htoo Win (General Secretary), P’Doh Saw Roger Khin (Defense Department Officer), P’Doh Saw Ta Doh Moo(Executive of Central), Saw Isaac (Quartermaster General).

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