KNU’s Gen Baw Kyaw Wants Peace For All

The Karen National Union’s outspoken General Baw Kyaw stresses that he wants ethnic people to work together for the equality of all the people of Burma.

General Baw Kyaw Heh, the Karen National Liberation Army’s vice-chief-of-staff said he overwhelmingly supported the Ethnic Nationalities Summit to be held in Laiza, the headquarters of the Kachin Independence Organization.

“I am hopeful that this summit will produce a positive outcome. It is important the ethnic nationalities come up with one collective voice, because we will have to live in the same country as equal partners.”

Gen Baw Kyaw pointed out that the peace process has to be fair to all the country’s different nationalities.

“The peace we are seeking is for all the people of Burma, not just for one group or two groups.”

The Karen National Union will send a three-member delegation, including its General Secretary Kweh Htoo Win to the summit, but Gen. Baw Kyaw Heh said he has no plans at this stage to attend. General Baw Kyaw stressed that he was optimistic about the upcoming gathering of ethnic leaders, but said he remains cautious about a nationwide ceasefire.

“I am glad the UNFC leaders are going to be there, and that the KNU leaders will take part in the conference – this is a historic event.”

Gen. Baw Kyaw Heh said he was concerned at the displacement in Kachin State after recent fighting.

“I am very concerned about how things are on the ground in the Kachin State. I’ve heard about the Kachin IDP situation in Munsi area. What is that all about? It does not sound like peace is close for the Kachin people.”

General Baw Kyaw reiterated the importance that all peace talks benefit all the people.

“We want to make sure we are fighting for peace for all the people of Burma.”

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